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Why Yale University?

Yale, over 300 hundred years old, has a rich tradition in American culture as a prestigious institution.  Its architecture, hailing back to Oxford and Cambridge Universities in England, and its reputation for the pursuit of knowledge offer an environment of drama and mystique.  Yale has also had an ongoing political role in U.S. history.  Many of its professors are experts on the politics and cultures of many parts of the world and have served in the government. 

Gates to Yale University Campus.

Photo: Jean Cullander

Yale Cemetary Gate..

Photo: Jean Cullander

These connections give Maggie the opportunities and knowledge through her classroom professors and lectures that help to answer her driving questions as she takes on her journey to Africa.  Even the cemetery in the heart of the campus is full of American history in its old world ghostly atmosphere.  Of course, the secret societies add to the mystique.

Jean Cullander

August 22, 2016

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